Cleanse your nutrition

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If you wanted to make any change to your thoughts and emotions, start with the things that you put in to your body. Have you looked inside your refrigerator? Did you actually taste your last meal? What is your relationship with food?

Regarding the energetics of eating, food corresponds with information entering your physical and non-physical bodies. You are allowing information to enter your body and your body is breaking down or digesting that information. Therefore, it is also useful to be selective with what information you allow your body to digest. Some foods provide information that is not “bad” information, but information that can create chaos and confusion in the mind. Other foods provide clarifying information or nourishment and energy in the body and mind.

Create a food ritual by first choosing one meal of your day that you can perform at a similar time every day and choose a location to sit and eat that you can perform with consistency. Next select a physical or virtual food journal to take down observations with each meal. Select your favorite plate, light a candle, or sit in front of a window. Turn off and remove all distractions. Sit down and take in the sensations of the meal, the smell, the taste, the way the food looks.

Next close your eyes and observe the state of your body and mind. What is happening with your thoughts and emotions? Do you experience feelings of guilt or shame during or after eating? Do you have positive feelings of pleasure and joy while engaging in a meal? Do you feel neutral, empty? Neutral, full? Can you become aware of thoughts that best serve your relationship with food? Your thoughts influence your body’s ability to absorb nourishment. If you think of your physical body as sacred and food as a sacred offering, you can choose an interaction with food that is energizing, not depleting.

Once you have observed your state physically and mentally, bring your hands above the food and visualize a current of light entering the top of your head, through your body, and out of your hands. Say “for my highest good, I bless this food.” As you consume the meal, continue this observational state of mind. What is occurring as you chew? What occurs as you swallow? What does full feel like? Notice and write down any changes in your state, even up to an hour after the meal. Complete this ritual for 3 days.

After you establish awareness of what occurs during and after eating, you may notice some foods create an adverse reaction. If this is the case, eliminate an inflammatory food or drink for the following 7 days (you can go as long as a month). Every person has different needs and intolerances, but I find it is not so difficult to know which foods are draining you of energy versus those that provide you with energy. Common culprits are large quantities of sugar, processed foods, gluten, dairy products, meat, and plant-based anti-nutrients (nutrients that inhibit absorption of vitamins or minerals) that can be found in nuts, seeds and nightshades. If you find yourself bloated, constipated, or not digesting properly, it is a sign to explore your relationship with certain foods. If you find you have low energy, moodiness, brain fog, or you’re constantly getting sick, you may also want to look at what you are putting in to your system. Again no particular foods are “bad” or “good”. This is simply a process of finding the ratio of foods that create balance in your specific digestive system without inflammation or sickness. If you find that you cannot stop eating a certain food and you do it in excess, it may also be a sign that a change in that relationship would be beneficial. I should note that with the process of observation and elimination, I highly recommend working with a doctor, professional nutritionist or dietitian.

During the cleanse, choose one food that creates a reaction and remove that food from your home completely. I recommend starting with sugar including natural sweeteners like honey and agave as well as sugar from fruit. Next fill your refrigerator with options so that you can easily satiate hunger or cravings. Select foods that are nutrient dense, unprocessed, and create a pleasurable experience. This process can be enjoyable. Shame, an all or nothing attitude, or a lack mentality create fear-driven beliefs surrounding food. This can make it difficult to create sustainably healthy decisions surrounding nutrition.

If you can tolerate fibrous vegetables, replace at least half your plate with leafy greens or a quantity the size of your outstretched hand. Drink plenty of water, teas, and broths. Additionally seek out fermented foods or probiotic-rich yogurt or kefir. Rest as much as possible, especially during the first couple of days and I recommend timing it so day 2 and 3 fall on the weekend (or during times when you don’t have other responsibilities). Clearing old energy can be very taxing on the body, so allow your self to focus only on the cleanse, especially when your body is initially detoxing. Write your thoughts and feelings throughout. Understand that parasitic energies of your mind and gut will make you think that you want certain foods. Trust that these aspects are not actually You. You will be shocked as the thoughts start to disappear and the mind gets very quiet. When the 7 days are completed, do not go immediately back to the way you were eating. Reintroduce the food or foods you eliminated, slowly if you desire to eat them again (one item per week).

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