Cleanse your physical space

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On the level of quantum physics, it is well established that a particle changes when it is observed. Thought forms influence the physical reality. Every thing that we see and touch appears solid, but are actually waves that are moving and interacting with one another–a collection of electrons, protons, and neutrons. Therefore your mind has an influence on the particles of your physical space, especially your home. Think about it, if you sleep in a bed, that is approximately 8 hours of your time (at least) spent in that one space, your mind interacting with every particle of every object. Not to mention when you are sleeping you are especially open to the mysteries and chaos of your unconscious mind.

If you add the layer of repetitive anxious thinking, it becomes even more essential to be aware of how your thought forms are influencing your physical space. This is why many esoteric or new age practices speak of purification, specifically “energy clearing”, “smudging”, or burning incense in the physical space before practicing any type of intention or energetic practice. You can meditate for years, decades, lifetimes, but the mind will always think. It is pure chaos and potential in there and that potential is infinite. When you work with magick and energy (your own or others), you need to have access to a baseline or a clean slate before and after practicing your magick. This baseline is the center of the mandala, equanimity, or the middle place. This centeredness allows clarity of intention so that you can be most effective when practicing magick or any other ritualistic practice in your world (even the mundane). Anxiety is not evil and does not need to be fought. In fact attempting to fight or destroy uncomfortable emotions, like anxiety, can paradoxically yield more negative emotions. It’s like the scary movie where the wise old woman warns the protagonist not to give too much energy to the demon or ghost. The more you believe in it, the more you fight it, the stronger it becomes… And that thing you fear? It is actually just you.

Regarding ritual and energy clearing there are no rules. It is an act of personal creativity. With that said, I will offer a few options that are helpful as you start:

Choose a time that this ritual can be completed consistently whether it’s right when you wake up or right before you go to bed. I recommend practicing this daily in a way that is sustainable for you. The ritual can be as short or long as you desire.

Begin by sweeping every inch of your room. Pick up any excess or clutter (clothes or trash) and dust and wipe down every surface. Create “clarity” as you arrange your home. I recommend opening windows if that is available to ensure air flow and to allow natural light. Visualize energetic movement as you clean such as air flow or water moving. Do not rush this part, be thorough and pay attention to the details. Savor your space and create beauty in your space, whatever that means for you.

Once you’re done, I recommend taking incense, sage or palo santo and walking around the perimeter of each room. Visualize negative thoughts and emotions moving out of the space. You can outstretch your hands and push the energy out of the walls. Once you have moved through your entire space and emptied the room of any particular energy, light a candle and place it in the center of the home. White candles are useful when starting out since the color corresponds to purity and divine clarity.

Whether you have access to candles or not, you can complete the ritual by sitting at the center of the room and closing your eyes. After a few breaths visualize a white light entering through the top of your head. Each time you exhale imagine this light growing brighter and brighter until it extends beyond the boundaries of your body. Continue this until the light fills the room and then your entire home. When you are satisfied move in to your day or night with gratitude and awareness of your home.

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