~ Clay: 9 servings ~

~ Tea: 3 bags ~

Includes mineral-rich clay used for nourishing and detoxifying the microbiome, as well as senna leaf tea to help speed up the process of elimination. Drink a tablespoon of clay 3x a day combined with 1 cup of unfiltered, organic apple juice for 3 days. Each package contains enough clay and tea for 1 cleanse. It is advised to prepare the body prior to the detoxification process and then transition slowly back to your usual eating patterns afterwards.

The intention of the detox is to absorb parasites, yeasts, molds, damaging bacteria and other toxins that have built up in the body and to rapidly eliminate them. The clay also contains bioavailable and rich sources of minerals to help replenish your body and aid in cellular repair and regeneration. 


The Clay

Three-Clay Blend: Bentonite, French Green, Terramin

a rich complex of trace minerals; balances pH of gut; detoxes parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungus, and mold; removes heavy metals

Boswellia serrata powder (frankincense) and Commiphora myrrha (myrrh) 

antioxidant and anti-bacterial affect beneficial to the mouth and GI tract; reduces abdominal pain and bloating; reduces symptoms of IBS and ulcerative colitis

Plantago ovata (Psyllium Husk)

soluble fiber to increase bowel motility; soaks up water and softens stool to prevent constipation; prebiotic that induces the growth of healthy bacteria 

Licorice Root

anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antimicrobial that kills microbes linked to skin infection, tooth decay, oral infection, stomach upset and ulcers

The Tea

-Senna Leaf

-Chamomile Leaf

-Fennel Seeds

-Frankincense Resin


  • Day 1 – Preparation: The day before the clay reset, eat paleo or vegan as preferred. Seek whole foods with plenty of leafy greens as well as pre and probiotic-rich foods and supplementation. We also recommend intermittent fasting, in other words, choose a feeding window so that you prepare your body for reduced caloric intake during the reset.

*Night of, drink Senna Leaf Tea

  • Day 2  – Clay 3x with apple juice, leafy greens, kefir, fermented vegetables, and broth
  • Day 3 – Clay 3x with apple juice, leafy greens, kefir, fermented vegetables, and broth

*Night of, drink Senna Leaf Tea

  • Day 4 – Clay 3x with apple juice, leafy greens, kefir, fermented vegetables, and broth
  • Day 5 – Transition: Similar to the first day, eat plenty of whole, plant-based foods. Include probiotic-rich foods and supplementation.

Make sure to eat pre and probiotics before, during, and after the cleanse:

Prebiotics- found in foods such as garlic, onion, leeks, dandelion greens, asparagus, seaweed, and artichokes, to name a few. 

Probiotics- found in plain yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, and other fermented vegetables.

We also highly encourage hydration. Aim to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water every day throughout the cleanse.

Additionally remove non-nutritious substances during the detox such as alcohol, sugar, processed foods, and caffeine as well as any other products that can cause an inflammatory response such as gluten, dairy, and red meat. 

Note: Allow yourself at least 30 days between detoxes.

If for any reason, kefir or yogurt is not well tolerated, we suggest “Garden of Life Raw Probiotics Ultimate Care” with 100 billion CFU and 34 different probiotic strains. 

What is COMPLEX:ZERO gut reset?

COMPLEX:ZERO gut reset involves the ancient practice of consuming small amounts of healing clay in order to revitalize the body, eliminate harmful microbes, combat disease, and create equilibrium in the body and mind. There has been documentation of ancient cultures such as Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Central African as well as American Natives consuming clays for their range of benefits. Our specific clay blend provides a complex of trace minerals that reverse nutrient deficiency by providing calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, potassium, phosphorus and zinc (to name a few). Additionally, the clay, when ingested, creates a powerful matrix of negatively charged ions that attract, absorb and bind to the positively charged ions of harmful bacteria, fungus, and yeast within the digestive tract. Once the clay binds to these harmful microbes, the psyllium husk fiber within the clay blend enables your body to rapidly remove these unwanted toxins from your body. 

This detox does not require a fast, but can have a potent effect on the body, especially if there are years of built up toxins. Firstly, since the detox protocol involves eating primarily vegetables and kefir, you are likely to be in a state of reduced caloric intake during the detox. The body will then naturally start to break down fat stores within 12 to 16 hours of the cleanse. Our bodies actually store toxins that the body cannot eliminate or digest within adipose fat cells. This means that when stored fat breaks down, so will the toxins, and these toxins will enter your blood stream to be rapidly eliminated through the skin, the liver, kidneys, and through defecation. 

In addition, beyond caloric reduction, you may be cutting back on substances that do not provide any nutritious benefit such as alcohol, sugar, processed foods, and even caffeine. In this process, bacteria that consume these non-nutritious substances will start to die off through starvation. Their endoskeletons will also enter the bloodstream to be eliminated. This can cause a host of unpleasant symptoms such as acne breakouts, eczema, bad breath, fatigue, brain fog, bloating, muscles aches and so forth. In academic settings, this is known as The Healing Crisis. As the body recovers from illness and eliminates toxins, it is often observed that a patient is likely to feel worse before they feel better. It is also notable that the microbiome is deeply connected to mood, therefore influencing the way that you think. Scientists have found that gut bacteria are responsible for producing neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and GABA. If there is an imbalance or overgrowth of a specific kind of bacteria, it logically follows that the production of mood-stabilizing hormones will also be out of balance. As you starve out and kill unwanted microbes, they may become more active in search of a food source which can lead to a temporary mood-imbalance. You may find yourself experiencing fear, anger, anxiety and depression. You may wonder “Why did I do this?” “Shouldn’t I be getting better, not worse?” “How do I make this stop now?” Know that all of these symptoms, physical and psychological, will subside. Do not listen to the voice in your head that is resisting the detox. Instead wait, observe, rest and do not give heed to the doubts that appear in your mind during this time. 

Beyond starving out harmful microbes, the clay contains ingredients that are specifically designed to attract and kill non-beneficial microbes. New studies are finding the combination of aluminum and iron minerals within detoxing clays makes their matrix almost completely uninhabitable for unwanted microbes. In addition, the clay is consumed with organic apple juice, which means that the sugars in the juice attract and draw out microbes that consume sugar. The apple juice also has a highly alkaline pH and helps your body hydrate, maintain a pH balance, and further excrete waste broken down by the liver. As harmful microbes move towards the apple juice the clay binds to them with their negative ionic charge, kills them with the particular mineral content of the clay, and is then eliminated as the psyllium husk fiber passes this matrix through the digestive tract to be defecated. 

Why do the gut reset?

Inflammation is a buzzword in wellness circles and is often depicted as a dark, evil parasite to be prevented or avoided at all the cost—the root of all disease. However, the reality is, inflammation is our friend and our body’s primary mode of defense. During a typical inflammatory response, a healthy immune system is triggered to heal cellular injury and remove a foreign invader from the body through increased blood flow, capillary dilation, and increased production of specific chemical signalers. The issue arises when this inflammation is chronic and persistent. If your body remains in a constant state of inflammation, your body can begin to attack itself resulting in damage to healthy cells, tissues, and organs.

Recent research is suggesting that low grade chronic inflammation is connected to imbalances in the microbiome, or microscopic bacteria, fungi, viruses, and even molds that reside in your small intestines. These microscopic friends outnumber your cells 10 to 1 and help your body in digestion, energy production, and ultimately maintaining the health of your immune system. Factors such as poor nutrition, stress, sedentary lifestyle, weight gain, and other detrimental lifestyle factors can throw off the health of your microbiome. But you can also inherit bacterial imbalance from your mother (when you are born, the birth canal and movement through the vagina actually implants you with your mother’s microbiome) and through the eating habits you formed as a child. You can also share microbiomes with your friends and partners throughout life (studies have found couples appear to share similar microbiotas through exchange of bodily fluids and similar lifestyle factors). Also, multiple rounds of antibiotic treatments without attention to the foods you consume afterwards, can lead to imbalances in the gut. This is not helped that the standard American diet tends to involve high sugar, processed foods, refined carbohydrates, dairy, and meat, with an absence of fermented foods and natural probiotics.

With all of these obstacles, it can take intention and work to reverse the affects of a lifetime of unhealthy eating habits, environmental factors unsupportive to wellbeing, or even inherited microbial imbalance. Part of the challenge is identifying the health of your microbiome in the first place. Typically, low grade chronic inflammation is quite subtle and can overlap with other medical conditions, making it difficult to diagnose. But if you find that you have repeated symptoms that cannot be diagnosed or resolved, it may be wise to examine your nutrition. Some common symptoms of imbalance in the gut includes GI upset, bloating, brain fog after eating, allergies, anxiety, acid reflux, occasional rashes or acne, sugar cravings, repeated colds, fatigue and difficulty digesting or defecating. Unfortunately, low grade chronic inflammation, if untreated, can escalate over time and has been linked to a number of diseases that affect every major system in the body including the health of your brain. Severe IBS, vomiting, diarrhea, severe digestive pain, blood in stools, joint pain, muscle pain, headaches, compromised immune system, and even major mood disorders have all been linked to inflammation in the gut. New research is even finding certain autoimmune diseases such as asthma, arthritis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, Celiac Disease, and diabetes can be linked to imbalances of the microbiome.

Note: Before doing any cleanse, seek out the supervision and guidance of a registered dietitian or nutritionist if your symptoms are severe and negatively affect your daily life. 

When approaching your microbiome health, understand that not all bacterial imbalances can be diagnosed by a gastroenterologist or physician. This is still a relatively new field of study in the context of modern medicine. Small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), IBS, and leaky gut are just a couple of the conditions linked to gut imbalance but are by no means the only ones that exist. Beyond diagnosis, if you do notice a collection of mysterious health conditions that never go away, you are constantly getting sick, or you struggle to have energy throughout the day, it is highly worth it to consider COMPLEX:ZERO gut reset as a tool to push your body towards equilibrium. 

Our aim with this reset is to support you in getting at the root CAUSE of your health by balancing the foundation of all energy production through your gut. If everything operates in the system of CAUSE and EFFECT, then naturally you want to address the CAUSE in order to address all EFFECTS. Instead of healing symptoms or byproducts of an imbalance, COMPLEX:ZERO gut reset is intended to create wellbeing on the foundational level by focusing in on the health of your microbiome. This is getting at the way the body takes in and transfers energy to each biological system. If your gut is in balance, you are able to properly absorb nutrients and eliminate waste. Your cells heal and regenerate rapidly. Your mind is fast, your mood regulated. You rarely get sick if it all. You fall asleep with ease, wake up refreshed, and maintain energy and motivation throughout the day. At its natural state, your body is a work of art, and the most advanced and intelligent technology on the planet. The goal of any detox is simply to give your body the time and space to return to its optimal state. COMPLEX:ZERO gut reset is a tool to help nourish your body and simultaneously eliminate disease-causing microbes. By incorporating elimination and reintegration of healthy foods and probiotics, you will successfully bring your body to ZERO, back to the beginning, and back to the intended state of health and wellbeing.

10 High Magick Rituals to Recover from Anxiety

.: The List :.


$60  ~ Clay: 9 servings ~ ~ Tea: 3 bags ~ Includes mineral-rich clay used for nourishing and detoxifying the microbiome, as well as senna leaf tea to help speed up the process of elimination. Drink a tablespoon of clay 3x a day combined with 1 cup of unfiltered, organic apple juice for 3 days.…

Practice no mind

.: Number 10 :. Every energetic ritual previously discussed, from the most simple to the most elaborate, continues to bring us back to the same place, the same core practice: meditation. This one is number ten because it is probably the most simple and yet requires the utmost self-mastery to maintain. Quite frankly, it is…

Honor the four elements

.: Number 9 :. Have you noticed that it is expensive to live near a river, at the top of a mountain, or next to a tree-lined park? Sun bathing, star gazing, even the simple act of planting a seed in a garden. Forests, waterfalls, canyons, the ocean. Earth, Water, Fire, Air. Whether we realize…

Practice no mind

.: Number 10 :.

Every energetic ritual previously discussed, from the most simple to the most elaborate, continues to bring us back to the same place, the same core practice: meditation. This one is number ten because it is probably the most simple and yet requires the utmost self-mastery to maintain. Quite frankly, it is not advisable to practice high magick whatsoever without a disciplined meditation practice. Magick opens you to order and chaos or angelic and demonic energies of your own mind. And if you cannot traverse these dimensions with clarity, you can be manipulated easily by the mind. Play with fire without fully understanding it, you can easily get burned.

Meditation moves the awareness away from the mind by putting you in direct contact with the divine Self. The all seeing Eye. Eye am that Eye am. It cannot be captured by language and so everything discussed is only an attempt at describing the process of transcendence through the ritual of meditation. With time, this practice allows access to true freedom from all suffering. The mind writes infinite stories. It can invent the most elaborate, convincing lies. It is as if the human vessel is built to create and identify completely with illusion. Meditation is one of the most direct and elegant ways to bypass self-deception. It is truly tried and tested as the earliest documented meditation can be traced as far back as 5,000 B.C.E. India where drawings depicted people seated in lotus with half-closed eyes. Every culture known to mankind offers some form of meditation ritual. Modern research is finally on board with the seemingly endless benefits–improved memory, greater attention span, reduced inflammation, and pain management. Psychologists seem to agree that meditation can directly reduce an anxiety response. It works instantaneously and is seemingly the most accessible form of treatment for any fear-driven response or limiting belief. You don’t need equipment, magickal objects, or any other person–it can be performed anywhere at any time. But for whatever reason, it is so difficult to maintain? Why?

In Western society, meditation does not seem to line up with the pace and the goals of the collective culture. Much of the programming is based on externalized validation. Attention and care is placed almost solely on the physical, in spite of the fact that reality itself originates in the mind. “Fitness” is focused on weight-loss, six-pack abs, a tight derrière. The function of “calories” precedes the experience of food to the point that you may never actually taste the food that you eat. Rest or mindfulness is to increase productivity, to manage the nervous system in order to continue dealing with your boss, your spouse, your kids. Spiritual practices are to “manifest” all of your desires, to change your relationships, your body, your job, your wealth. If you’re not feeling good, supposedly, you’re not doing it right. Every interaction with your reality becomes a means to an end and an attempt to constantly feel comfortable, safe, happy. And the practice of magick itself becomes oriented towards a state of “wanting”, “not having”, or “protecting” yourself from suffering, evil, loss. And there is nothing inherently wrong with wanting or protecting. Desire is the fire that ignites curiosity and action. And protection is a tool to keep the physical vessel intact. But it is important to note that what you create is what you get. If you create a state of want perpetually, you only get a state of want. You orient yourself as not having the thing that you want. If you create a state of fear, you create something to be afraid of. The universe is only yes and go. The fastest way to create abundance is to be in a state of abundance already. You already can access unlimited energy, joy, gratitude, Love in its highest form. It is inside You.

There are different ways to practice meditation and much of it depends on your experiences and energetic needs. The first key, however, is to recognize that there is no correct meditation. There is no mastery. This process has no destination. Imagine your meditation practice as a baby bird in your hands. If you hold too tightly you will kill the bird. If you move suddenly without warning the bird will fly away. The bird is fragile in a way, but it is also free. The bird does not belong to you, rather the bird has chosen to visit you in this moment. Simply stay in this moment. Approach your meditation practice with a sense of humor and creativity. It is a love poem to your Self. And remember that every day, every moment is different. You do not have to fight change as it is the natural order of this reality. Accept and let go. The following loose guidelines can assist you in beginning your creative meditation ritual:

Choose your place and time and keep the meditation short. You want it to be something you can commit to and complete every day. Eliminate the potential for distraction or interruption. Start a timer and sit in a position that can be maintained comfortably. Close your eyes or choose a soft focus on your nose, the wall in front of you, or a chosen object. I recommend starting with five or ten minutes. Even if you have spent years meditating, slow things down. See what happens if you stop doing anything for a short period of time. Where does your mind go? Does it go anywhere at all?

Practice this meditation for one week, at least. And when you notice the time starts to fly by, your thoughts becoming less and less present, add five more minutes. Continue like this, slowly adding time, but only when you feel ready. You are building your ability to focus on nothing and everything at the same time. Some days you will feel distracted. Other days you might feel overwhelmingly emotional. Others it is as if you are traveling through time and space. Or you might even fall asleep. Observe the experience, but do not judge the experience. Again, this process has no end or limit. Do not congratulate yourself or punish yourself internally for your meditation practice. It is what it is.

Eventually explore accessing this state throughout your day. You can choose the morning, the evening, the afternoon when you’re taking a break. Observe what it feels like to empty or let go of your thoughts while you perform a task. This state of being will becoming increasingly available to you. When you practice no mind every day, it becomes easier and easier to access this mental state when you experience anxiety. The meditation is like a rehearsal for when shit hits the fan. You become familiar with your own thoughts and stop identifying with the emotions. Simultaneously you learn to stop fighting with your mind and to accept things as they are. You will eventually notice great power flowing through your being and the discomfort will become a source of energy. Do not fear the energy. Do not fear the silence. Accept and let go.

Some tips to start or if you are seeking techniques to ground a restless mind:

Focus on the breath. Breath two counts in to the low belly, two counts in to the rib cage, and one count in the throat. Imagine the air is like sipping water in to your being. Exhale two counts in the low belly, two counts in the rib cage, one count in the throat. Repeat this throughout the five minutes.

Listen to the sounds in your room. Notice everything that you hear. Listen to the sounds in your own body. Notice what you hear. For some music or shamanic drumming can be a great entryway in to listening. Breath in time with the rhythm.

Speak a word or phrase out loud. This practice in Yoga is called mantra. You can choose a spell, intention, or a word in Sanskrit that has a particular meaning (s a list of Sanskrit mantras can be found here and the Wiccan invocation here.) You can also choose something nonsensical or meaningless. As you exhale say the mantra. Inhale in between each word. Continue with a consistent, steady rhythm. When you can maintain your focus, start to say the mantra in your mind.

Look at a picture such as a god, goddess, or a mandala. Or observe a flame, a steaming cup of tea, a tree outside. Practice looking at the picture or object without thought. Over time you build focus on the thing that you are viewing. When you can sustain the focus, close your eyes and picture the object in detail.

Lastly, here is a 10-minute guided meditation which will move your awareness from thought identification to observation.

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Honor the four elements

.: Number 9 :.

Have you noticed that it is expensive to live near a river, at the top of a mountain, or next to a tree-lined park? Sun bathing, star gazing, even the simple act of planting a seed in a garden. Forests, waterfalls, canyons, the ocean. Earth, Water, Fire, Air. Whether we realize it or not, we place energetic value on the natural world. Humans have gathered in elemental vortexes of energy since the beginning of time and even now it is perhaps our deepest, most primal instinct that draws us to these energetically charged places. With high magick, elemental rituals work particularly well for anxiety because they address the fundamental forces that connect and form nature on the physical level and on the level of consciousness. You don’t need to think or interpret, the simple act of adding the energy of the four elements creates stasis in your home, body, and mind.

Beyond the elemental directions invoked in Western pagan and neopagan rituals, elementals can be found in almost all cultures across the world–the ancient Indian system of Ayurveda, the Chinese system of feng shui, Native Americans and the medicine wheel, and the five pure lights in Tibetan Buddhism. These systems deepen and enhance the understanding of elementals. But for the sake of simplicity, the rituals discussed below allow elementals to brought in to the home and body without any specific practice, study, or access to nature. Evoking these forces creates immense energy potential because it is the manipulation of the major energetic building blocks of reality. Elements directly tie in to the process of energy moving from the divine realms to our 3 dimensional reality. Understanding elementals therefore enhances understanding of manifestation. I have broken down elemental and manifestation correspondence in to the following system based on the study of alchemy:

Feelings (fire) lead to thoughts (air). Thoughts (air) lead to emotions (water). Emotions (water) lead to sensation (earth). Sensation is the manifested creation.

The first place to start in elemental ritual is to observe which elemental forces come to your specific constitution or temperament naturally. This can give you insight as to which elements to seek out to create balance. For some this can be associated with astrological sign and chart. But you can simply observe your physical body and mind to gain understanding. Does your mind move quickly or slowly relative to other people? How about your body? Do you need a lot of sleep to feel balanced? Or do you need a lot of exercise to find equilibrium? Do you feel grounded on a day to day basis or as if your mind is in outer space? Do you often forget to eat or is it difficult for you to put down your fork? Do you change day to day, moment to moment or do you feel more fixed, steady in your approach to life? What is the quality of your skin: cool or hot? Oily or dry? (Note that you can have more than one elemental in your constitution.)

Once you have identified your personal quality or qualities, notice the foods that you crave, the people you surround yourself with. Often we seek out opposites or balance in our environment without realizing it. For your ritual choose any energy that you notice may be absent from your life that falls within the realm of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. The following lists each element, their qualities, and techniques to access them on a daily basis in your home:

.: Earth Element :.

Earth is the boundary or container for other elementals to be expressed. It is the body, Gaia, Mother Earth. It is associated with the Root chakra, the archangel Uriel and the season of Winter. Earth qualities are fixed, still, and cooling. It connects us to nurturing mother energy: safety, comfort and rest. Earth is consistent, reliable, and changes more slowly than the other elementals. It is the physical, material plane and it also relates to anything you manifest into this reality. The earth elemental is the fruit of your energetic or spiritual labor. Your intentions and internal mechanisms or beliefs correspond to what you create in the Earth realm. Looking at your physical, earth body, can be a great place to get insight in to your state of mind. In order to manifest through the physical reality, it requires the qualities of earth to be in balance: patience, consistency, and repetition. Our physical world is composed of time and space, which are limitations or boundaries. The earth elemental enables us to work with the physical form to create and to nourish the body.

If you seek the restful, nourishing energy of earth, start your ritual by accessing trees, plants, and soil of any kind. You can purchase a simple house plant and keep it at the foot of your bed or in your kitchen. Every day touch or water the plant as needed. When you are in contact picture green energy being shared between you and the plant. Over time build a relationship by researching the plants name, origin, and specific needs. Speak to your plant or simply acknowledge the plant’s consciousness. You can do this outdoors if you have access to trees of any kind. The key with any earth ritual is to practice it every day consistently. Additionally, if the weather allows, find a day to go outside in a park, the woods, or a field to practice earth charging. Take off your shoes and lie on your back in the soil or grass. Close your eyes and allow your hands and feet to fall open in a shavasana posture. Visualize the center of the Earth. Picture a deep green energy. Imagine this energy is a tether, a line of light that moves up through the center of the Earth in to your body. At each inhale picture that energy flowing in to the back of your skin. Mother Earth holding you, filing your physical body with energy.

.: Water Element :.

Water is the life force or blood that flows through the physical and energetic planes. It is tears, childbirth, sexual fluids. It is associated with the Sacral Chakra (2 inches below the naval), the archangel Gabriel, and the season of fall. The qualities of water are fluidity, movement, and change. It comes in three states: liquid, ice, and steam, expressing a versatility unique to this elemental. Water is connected to the unconscious mind, lunar cycles, dreams, femininity, creativity and sensuality. It is pure chaos or potential and it subtly influences everything that we create in the physical world. Like the moon reflecting the sun, water reflects our deepest, most heart-felt desires. It is the darkness, the secrets, the mysteries. The thing that you can see but only out of the corner of your eye. Water also cleanses and nourishes the body and the earth. It has the ability to bring forth life from the earth. In many traditions water also connects us to our emotions. Water can be utterly still and calm. Water can also be erratic, a destructive, powerful force of nature. In manifestation water is the unconscious mind that runs in the background of all our conscious thoughts. Balance and purification of the unconscious yields purity of intention. There is no longer fear or limiting beliefs influencing your magick on the unconscious level. When you practice the purification of water ritual, you can more directly and effectively manifest desires in to the reality.

In order to incorporate the flowing and purifying qualities of water, start by becoming intentional with your use of water every day. When you have completed your work for the day, take a shower or wash your hands. Close your eyes and visualize the energy flowing off of your body or hands. Embody the state of water and allow that flow to enter your body. Additionally drink water regularly. An easy way to start increasing water intake is to drink water with every meal. Before you eat or drink, close your eyes and bless the water and food. Allow gratitude to flow from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. As you eat and drink the water visualize the energy charging your body. You can even leave a container of water in front of a window that faces the moon or outside (you can use a mason jar). Choose the night of a full moon and allow the energy of the moon to enter the water. The next day you can drink the water, boil it for tea, water your plants, or find any technique that best serves your creative needs.

.: Fire Element :.

Fire is the catalyst for life and evolution. Magick is closely tied to fire as it is pure, raw energetic power. It is associated with the Solar Plexus chakra, the archangel Michael, and the season of summer. Qualities of fire are heat, destruction, and purification. It is connected to the supreme power house: the Sun. Fire destroys, however destruction does not have a negative connotation here as destruction or death leads to new life and growth. The archetypal image here is the phoenix rising out of the ashes. It is the inevitable change that occurs in the world around us and inside of our bodies. Digestion itself is the fire element at work. Fire can also be connected to passion, intensity and emotion. Emotion is energy in motion. Energy in motion moves thought forms in to the physical reality. They ignite an idea, the passion that brings forth manifestation in to the physical reality. In it’s most elegant form it is self-empowerment and assertiveness.

If you seek to add more heat or even greater energy in your routine, ritualistically seek out sunlight on a daily basis. This can be done by taking walks outside or sitting in front of a sunlit window. Close your eyes and feel the grounding earth energy where your feet or seat contact the ground. Envision the sun entering through the top of your head down the center of your body in to your stomach like a pillar of light. If sunlight is not available, sit in your home in front of a candle or fireplace, ensuring the fire is contained. This ritual can be done with sunlight, a flame, or with your own mind. Close your eyes and feel the warmth. As you inhale, visualize the warmth entering your hands, moving through your arms, and entering the center of your body. Hold the energy there with each breath–do not let the warmth escape. As you breath see warmth and power glowing at the center of your body. Visualize your cells filling up with energy, your aura gaining luster and brightness. After three minutes of this, inhale and hold the energy at your solar plexus for three slow counts. As you exhale imagine the energy flowing in to your feet. When your lungs are empty hold the breath for three more slow counts and visualize the energy entering the ground beneath you. As you inhale again visualize the fire moving up into the center of your body again. Be mindful to contain the warmth within your being and to not let it escape. Fire can be erratic so only practice this ritual when you feel calm and grounded.

.: Air Element :.

Air is the breath, the invisible force that animates all life. It is the breath in your lungs, the energy that moves your heart. It is your thoughts, your imagination, your dreams. Similar to fire, air is also closely tied to magic as it is closely tied to powerful, invisible forces. It is associated with the Heart chakra in Hindu tradition, the angel Raphael, and the season of spring. Qualities of air are movement, lightness, and extreme change. The ancient Greek deity Hermes is also connected to air and they are both divine representations of the mind. The mind like air changes rapidly and contains limitless creativity. Hermes is the traveler or psychopomp that moves rapidly between the world of humans, gods, and the dead. He is a powerful magician, alchemist, thief, shapeshifter, and shaman. Similarly, air move us through the realms of consciousness–the physical, the mental, and the spiritual. Through discipline, the air elemental has the ability to take us to higher levels of understanding and exaltation of physical form. Combining the Greek and Hindu interpretations of air, the mind and the heart as one animate us to create and project magick on to the physical reality. The coherence of the mind and the heart enable purity of intention and rapid materialization in to the world.

If you seek to access the movement and creative qualities of air, start your ritual by enhancing the air flow in your home or space. Open windows and turn on fans to circulate the air. Move furniture or objects so that there is a clear path between windows and doors. Light incense or gather objects associated with the air elemental such as feathers, wind chimes, or wands. Next find an open, clear space and sit in front of your object. Close your eyes and sit tall so that your sit bones press in to the ground or chair. Relax your shoulders and imagine someone is pulling the top of your head with a string. Turn your attention to the air in your lungs and bring the breath to your low belly. Place the left hand on the pelvis and the right on the stomach while keeping looseness in your shoulders.

I offer two techniques to tap in to air that come from the Yogic tradition of pranayama which is the control of prana or life force through the breath. The first technique is heating and the second is cooling. Select the energy that best serves you in your ritual.

The first is Kapalabhati Pranayama or Breath of Fire which is used to oxygenate and detoxify the blood. It builds heat and vitality in the body. You can use this technique to combine elements of fire and air in one ritual. Start by panting like a dog with your tongue out. Feel the pumping motion in your belly and pelvis. Next pant but move the breath to your nose. Last close your mouth keeping the powerful breath through the nose. Inhales and exhales should be even and steady. This video breaks down the technique.

The second technique is called Sitali Pranayama which adds moisture and cooling to the body. It slows down the nervous system and creates a state of calm. Use this pranayama to combine elements of air and water in your ritual. Slow down your breathing. Curl the sides of your tongue and breathe in through your mouth as if you’re breathing through a straw. If you cannot curl your tongue, alternatively you can practice Sitkari which has a similar affect. Simply inhale through your mouth with your teeth together. The following video takes you through the technique.

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Charge your aura and etheric bodies

.: Number 8 :.

As you create balance in your physical body through the previous rituals mentioned, there is an energetic aspect that can bring healing from anxiety to a deeper more profound level. This practice seems to have been mostly overlooked and forgotten about in the modern Western world. One of my favorite teachers and magicians Damien Echols calls this aspect “divine nourishment.” High magick, like any energetic work, yields incredible results when it comes to manipulating the mind and the physical reality. But it also establishes a current of energy that is healing in itself. Your non-physical body just like your physical body, requires sustenance or like a cell phone, it needs a charge to effectively function. Some theorize that a lack of divine nourishment can result in mental or physical illness. If your non-physical bodies are imbalanced, blocked, or even hyper active, it can create sickness that can seem undiagnosable or even incurable. Mysterious back pain. Chronic digestive issues. Incapacitating headaches.

I will refer to the Hindu and Yoga sciences of non-physical energy as it is an elegant and simple system to understand non-physical energies and provides numerous techniques to directly influence them. In Yoga theory, there is an etheric field which consists of three parts: the Chakras, the Nadis, and the aura. The Chakras are wheels of energy that correspond to different levels of consciousness and run from the base of the spine to the head. There are traditionally thousands of chakras that exist beyond the physical body. But in the mainstream modern discussion, seven Chakras are typically described which correspond with the color spectrum–red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and white. Each color has an increasing vibratory rate. Red has larger, slower waves, while white has smaller, faster waves. Balance in all seven energetic bodies creates physical and mental balance between upward moving energy and downward moving energies. Nadis consist of a complex system of energetic meridians. Each point where the Chakras overlap is considered a Nadi. This is a channel where Prana or life force moves through the energetic field. Specific techniques in yoga such as movement, visualization, and breath serve to unblock these channels. The aura is an electromagnetic field emanating from the physical body up to twelve feet. It is often associated with a color which reveals the health, mental state, and personality of a particular being. All living things have an aura.

Now, when it comes to high magick, increasing energetic nourishment will connect you directly to Self or your own divine intuition. It will make it easier or rather more compelling to select food, careers, friends, or relationships that fully align with your highest good. Things that don’t serve you in your life will become extremely obvious and it will become difficult to expose yourself to energetic drains. It is important to ground yourself through this process by also nourishing the physical body (nutrient-dense food, rest, and regular exercise).

The following ritual will enable you to open the channels of energy in your etheric field. A warning though: moving energy can be extremely intense and can yield a variety of emotions, not all of them pleasant. If you experience chronic anxiety on a regular basis, I recommend working with a mental health specialist. And I recommend focusing on the rituals mentioned previously, specifically ritual 1, 2, 3, and 4, before opening up your energetic channels.

To start, wash your physical body. As you shower or bathe, allow water to flow over your head. Visualize energy at the top of your head moving, the water flowing from your crown all the way down to your feet. Everything that you no longer need is washing off your body and down the drain.

Next choose clothing that corresponds with the intention of clearing. Ideally wear all white, but all black works as well. Empty your mind as you dress and prepare your space. Burn sage. Clear the floor. Create an altar by lighting candles. Display an image of a deity, symbol or mandala. Sit in your sacred space and observe your breathing. Complete 11 breaths and bring your awareness to the first of the 7 Chakras: the root.

The root chakra is red and is located at the base of the spine. The mantra is “Lam.” Repeat this mantra 11 times visualizing red at your low back. Imagine the sphere of red light growing brighter and swirling. Allow the vibration of the word to fill your being and resonate in your diaphragm.

Next move your awareness to the sacral chakra which is orange and is located two inches below the naval and two inches inside of the body. The mantra is “Vam.” Repeat this 11 times, seeing orange orb growing brigher.

Move to the solar plexus chakra which is yellow and is located at the stomach. The mantra is “Ram.” Repeat 11 times as the yellow light grows brighter.

After is the heart chakra which is green and is located at the center of the chest. The mantra is “Yam.” Repeat 11 times with green light growing in strength.

Next is the throat chakra which is blue and is located at the throat. The mantra is “Ham.” Visualize bright blue as you repeat the mantra 11 times.

The third eye chakra is after and it is violet or purple. It is located on the forehead between the eyes. The mantras is “Om.” Repeat 11 times. Visualize the purple light swirling on your forehead.

And finally bring awareness to the crown chakra which is located at the top of the head and directly above the head. The color is white. The mantra is “Om” or “Ah.” Say this 11 times and visualize powerful white light entering through the top of your body.

Once you have completed the mantra, revisit each chakra feeling the connected energy between each chakra center. Take 11 breaths and as you exhale feel your energy centers grows even brighter.

Finally create a contraction in your pelvis and throat. In yoga this is called the Mula Bandha (the root lock) and the Jalandhara Banda (the throat lock). As you inhale, squeeze the throat and the pelvic floor. As you exhale, visualize the energy being pushed in to the center of your body at the solar plexus. (The pelvic floor can be tricky at first, but it is similar to a kegel.) Inhale squeeze the throat and root, exhale push the energy to your center. Do not allow the energy to escape, rather hold it as it builds. It is natural to physically shake as this occurs. Keep the mind clear as you repeat this breath 11 times.

As you gain more practice and focus you can increase the duration of the ritual. Increase the mantra to 22 repetitions, 33, 44 and so on. You can also move the built up energy and store them in crystals, statues, even plants in your room. Take the visualized energy in your hands and place your hands on the desired object. Picture light from your solar plexus moving in to the object. Know that you can access this energetic charge whenever you may need it.

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Develop your psychic awareness

.: Number 7 :.

As you gain more awareness and empowerment over your own energy, you may begin to notice that the “anxiety” that you feel is actually the perception of energetic shifts in your environment. The quieter it becomes inside, the easier it can become to actually hear the forces occurring outside of you, whether physical or energetic. You will begin to realize that not everything you experience is just you in your physical being and mind.

You may have had the experience of walking on to a train, laying down in a hotel bed, or entering an antique store and feeling unfamiliar emotions or thoughts, such as elation or uneasiness. You might even remember something, see something, or hear something that doesn’t make sense in your understanding of your world. Whatever occurs, your state of mind or emotions become altered, seemingly without warning. What you may be experiencing is the energy of the many people who have been in that space before you or in the case of the antique store, the energy of hundreds of people who have handled the various objects for years, decades, maybe even lifetimes.

In gaining balance and empowerment as a magician, it is highly beneficial to develop and hone psychic awareness. Knowledge truly is power. But the process of building psychic awareness is very individual and cannot be broken down in to a formula. Ritualistic use of entheogens, hypnosis, fasting, isolation, silence, and meditation (to name a few) have been known to evoke states of psychic awakening. However, these techniques cannot and should not be practiced by everyone. It is ultimately your journey to discover where to move next and to become aware of your particular energetic systems, beliefs, and constructs. I do find, however, that there are two pieces that seem to universally benefit magicians and energy workers regardless of experience or degree of study. These two pieces are simply this: emptiness and listening. Begin your psychic development through the practice of daily meditation. You are developing the ability to be open, to receive. You can try to pour more water in to a full glass. But the water just overflows and falls out of the glass. When you move your attention away from your mind, you empty your glass. You make yourself available to contain new information. You hear things more effectively. When you listen, you notice there might be sounds, images, vibrations that extend beyond what you can touch and see. Although “simple”, moving through the world with emptiness and listening, can take lifetimes to master. Be patient with yourself as you develop these new skills.

Start the ritual right after you wake up in the morning. Close your eyes and scan your body with your mind. Take note of the sensations or lack of sensation. Imagine in your mind’s eye that your thoughts are coming from a large radio. Picture that you place your hand on the radio and gently turn down the volume of your own thoughts. Instead listen to the sounds in your room. What do you hear? What do you feel on your skin? Slow down your breathing so that your inhale and exhale are the same length: five counts in and five counts out deep in your diaphragm. After you have completed five breaths take this state with you as you move through every room of your home. You can do this in your neighborhood or the street outside your home. Take in what occurs in your body and your mind. Play a game to see if you can observe every sensation without immediately using language. What is the image or feeling that occurs when someone passes you or gets close to you physically? Do strangers feel different than loved ones? Is it different than when you are alone? Do things stay the same? Do they change?

This awareness will become more pronounced with time. Shifts can be quite subtle at first, so give it time. After you take in the experience without words, it can be useful to keep a journal handy to start to mark down any observations. I welcome you to keep this process free and abstract. Write down the first thing that comes to mind. You can even draw a picture. Sit on a train, enter a grocery store, stand in a museum. If you feel a tingle in your left elbow write it down and where it happened. If you see a flash of the color red write it down. If you see and feel nothing write it down. Even the lack of feeling can reveal something about the environment or people that you are surrounded by. This skill will be developed with time but I cannot emphasize enough that you must sustain an open mind. 90% of magick (perhaps more) is allowing what is. Be patient. The paradox is the less you expect, the less you hold on to a result or message, the more you hear. And be honest with yourself about your intentions. Do not seek psychic ability for the sake of power or ego. Nothing kills psychic ability faster than expectations. Understand what you do not know, what you may never know and what you cannot control. You are merely a vessel for divinity. Have faith that your intuition will guide you in this process.

Eventually your every day world will transform and open up. You will begin to notice patterns. Things around you will start to seem fated, synchronistic. Information that you should not or “could not” know may become available to you. You will receive clear messages from Self and may find your are drawn or repelled by specific environments or people. Listen and trust this. Perhaps you notice a certain taste in your mouth every time you experience soothing energy. Or perhaps you hear a whistling in your ear right before something bad is going to happen. The point is not to avoid any particular person or place but to identify how you relate to that person or place. Sometimes the simple act of naming what is occurring can be an immense relief and it can empower you to shift the paradigm of how you relate to the world with your mind. A particle observed changes. A reality observed also changes.

You will become aware of how you allow other people’s energy to affect you and you can then use that power to change the exchange. Simultaneously you will start to see that your unique energetic gifts may actually be beneficial to the people around you. There are few things more vibration-raising than being at service to others. The more you listen, the fewer problems you have. The more abundant energy you have to offer yourself. When you remain in a state of openness, you welcome divinity in to the lives of all who enter your space. People will benefit from your mere presence.

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Form energetic boundaries with technology

.: Number 6 :.

Your cell phone may be in your pocket, in your bed, or even in the shower. You may check it first thing in the morning, last thing at night, hold it close to your face as you sit across from your friend, spouse, as you dine “together”. Watch a sunset, a concert, a child’s first breath through the lens of a cell phone camera. It is designed for you to use it at a level that almost matches compulsiveness. The sounds, the colors, the shape of the screen, they are all signaling reward centers in your brain. It is a new form of a high. And it is relatively new for our species to coexist with this kind of technology.

From the perspective of science, cell phones in general emit radio frequency energy or small amounts of non-ionizing radiation as well as LED white light. There is not yet enough evidence to suggest that these frequencies are harmful to the human body. According to the National Cancer Institute “there is currently no consistent evidence that non-ionizing radiation increases cancer risk in humans.” In theory, high doses of non-ionizing radiation can cause damage to tissue over time from heating, but the amount from your phone is so low to be negligible. The white light that comes from electronic devices, however, does seem to impact health. Repeated white light exposure, especially after the sun has set, has been shown to impact the body’s circadian rhythm, thus creating difficulty sleeping. Research over the past ten years has suggested that chronic sleep loss can come with a whole host of health issues including symptoms of anxiety, depression, cardiovascular disease, weight gain, and even alcoholism.

When it comes to esoteric traditions and energy work, I have personally experienced a general distrust in technology and a belief that our relationship with technology as a culture has its dangers. Or at the very least technology impacts our subtle energy fields on levels that are not yet fully understood. A new study by The Division of Yoga and Physical Sciences has shown reduced subtle energy levels in adults through the use of Electrophotonic Imaging. In other words, there were measurable changes in major bodily systems, such as the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems in response to close proximity to cell phones. I have personally encountered a Reiki healer who glued hematite on his phone and kept magnets in his shoes to shield his body from radiation. I have read online forums discussing the enslavement of our planet by extraterrestrial forces that feed off of our energy, our attention, and seek to keep us trapped in a cycle of death and rebirth by keeping us complacent and unable to remember… It all may sound, perhaps a bit outlandish. But don’t discount unseen forces and what is not yet fully understood. Do not become attached to what you think you know. And recognize that innovators have historically been seen as mad. Science itself, this human attempt at comprehending nature, is a constant cycle of theory and disproving theory. Analysis and revision.

Moving beyond the attempt to prove or disprove anything–what happens when your unique mind and body interacts with technology? Does the device give you energy? Does it drain your energy? Do you become more aware? Do you become less aware? Beyond the particular experience, it is difficult to deny that the device draws in or arguably consumes some amount of your attention. Next time you stand in line at the store, put on your seatbelt in the passenger seat of a car, take a break from working on your next novel, observe yourself mindlessly pulling out your phone to check your emails, your texts, the feed of a social media app. Even if it’s brief, you’re still using the device compulsively. Can you even actually recall what you did on your device? Where the time went? Did you absorb any information whatsoever? (If the answer is yes, congratulations you are a unicorn in a world of sheep.)

Phones, laptops, iPads and so forth are quite stimulating, so much so that they can aggravate anxious thinking in a way that disconnects Self from awareness of the mind and body. The device taps in to a primal part of our brains that compulsively seeks reward and pleasure. In doing this repetitively, arguably we reinforce habits that are reactionary. Technology is not “evil”, but it is useful to enhance your ability to focus on a single task, to indulge in reflection, imagination, and to figuratively and literally dream.

How do we integrate with technology to create balance in body and mind?

This is where we get in to ritual: start with the hours leading up to sleep–ideally turn off all technological devices and remove them from your room two hours prior to bedtime. If you need an alarm to wake up in the morning, place your phone on airplane mode. If you simply must have your phone on for notifications, refrain from looking at your screen as you prepare for bed. Instead dim your lights. Turn on relaxing music, a downloaded podcast, a meditation. Read a book. A warm shower or bath is useful to relax the body and mind and to ritualistically cleanse the body. Once you have completed your preparation for bed, turn off your lights and lay in bed. As you breath and release tension, visualize unwanted energy or radiation moving out your feet as if there is an energetic vacuum cleaner at the foot of your bed. Once you have scanned your body from head to toe, let go as you drift in to sleep.

If you want to expand upon this ritual, try keeping one hour technologically-free when you wake up. Turn on your phone if you need to, but again avoid looking at the screen. Instead write in a dream journal, water your plants, make yourself coffee or tea, get dressed for the day, make your bed. Your ritual is completely dependent on your individual creative process. Notice your mind as you perform each task. Do you feel different? What is the state of your breathing? Your heart rate? Listen to the sounds in your room. Listen to your Self. Perhaps you’ll find you have more time. More attention to give. More awareness.

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Banish limiting beliefs and thoughts

.: Number 5 :.

Believe it or not, every time you read and write, you perform ritualistic High Magick. You are recreating symbols with intention. You are affecting your reality and potentially the reality of others by repeating an incantation with each marking on the page. It is not a coincidence that writing is similar to the word “rite” which is a ritual. And “spell” is the spelling that we use to create the word. The Word is God. It is the manifestation of an idea in to the physical reality. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (Gospel of John, c 100). And God arguably is Self. That single source that connects All in to One.

Therefore, there is immense energetic power to writing your thoughts and intentions. By writing, you are carving your creation in to this reality. Your subconscious mind sees and believes that it is so. In the conventions of society, a therapist might prescribe journaling. This is not any different than the ritual of writing and casting spells. Through the act of externalizing your mind on to a piece of paper, you no longer identify with the mind. You can make sense of the thoughts buzzing around in your head and choose which way you want those thoughts to express themselves in your reality. You can converse with yourself and observe the ways that you project thoughts and beliefs on to the people, places, things around you.

There are multiple tools that can be used in the ritual of writing. I observe healers and wellness professionals in the mainstream exclusively writing and discussing the “power of positive thought” or what I lovingly refer to as “love and light.” This has its benefits, however, do not skip over observation of thoughts. Some things occurring in your mind are not so pleasant. And especially as we discuss magick for anxiety, do not shy away from befriending your demons. If you don’t know your demons (and they are just aspects of Self), they can start to control and manipulate you. Not only that, they aren’t going anywhere. If you have a repeated emotional response in romantic relationships, for example. You cannot outrun that emotional response by dating different partners. You cannot force your mind to think more positively unless you have understood the root cause, the core belief that runs behind the scenes of every interaction, every experience of intimacy, “love”. It is not the partner that has a problem. Demons will make it appear that way. Demons love blame and they love a good victim mentality. They love to create the illusion that you are disempowered. The truth is it is you that has the problem. No one else. And it is you that can release the bonds of your self-perpetuated prison. You can date 200 people and still come back to the same repetitive, unpleasant experience.

So how to escape this prison? How to stop making the same mistakes?

A simple and yet practical ritual that can start to unearth and decimate old limiting beliefs is the “Banishing Ritual.” This ritual takes repetition and time to truly banish anxious thinking, however you will start to see that you can alter your state of mind and being instantaneously. You can take back the control over your experience.

You will want to first choose a book or journal that will be used exclusively for magick. Gather a vessel (a glass cup will do) filled with water and soil (indoor potted plant soil works), a lighter, a pen, and your journal. Find a private space and move through the space with sage or simply an extended hand. Visualize light pouring out of your hand as you make a circle around the perimeter of the room. This seals in your energetic practice and clears any distracting energy. Next sit in the center of your circle with your journal, pen, and vessel. Close your eyes and begin the 4 7 8 breathing technique: inhale for a count of 4, hold for a count of 7, and exhale for a count of 8. Repeat this at least four times and breath from your low belly. This style of breathing will slow down your nervous system and bring you to the present.

Next write in your journal: “For my highest good, reveal to me me the source of my anxious/negative thoughts.” Clear your mind and let your pen move without thinking too hard. It is okay if it doesn’t totally make sense. And it is okay if you don’t have the answer. Allow the freedom to express freely. Think back to your first memories of anxiety. Describe them in detail. What were the sensations? Sights, sounds, smells? Where do you feel it in your body.

Once you have completed your expression, read the words out loud. Then write: “For my highest good, I banish the thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve me. I do not identify with these thoughts and beliefs, as they are not me. I release them from my body, mind, and spirit.” Speak these words out loud. Tear out the pages that you wrote on and fold them until they are small and compact. Next, if it is safe to perform in your space, light one edge on fire and place the spell inside of your vessel with the water and soil. Observe the destruction of the pages.

I cannot emphasize enough that the flame is only a suggestion, you can come up with infinite ways to safely and symbolically “destroy” your limiting beliefs. You can pummel your pages in a mortar and pestle, you could even flush it down the toilet. Ideally you want a representation of the four elements as you eliminate the pages of your journal. Once you have altered and/or eliminated the journal pages, repeat the 4 7 8 breathing. As you exhale visualize the energy leaving your body and space. It is normal to feel emotional, to physically vibrate, or to suddenly have memories or visions. Do not fight this process, simply breath and allow the energy to leave you. Trust that you are not alone in that experience and any discomfort you feel will be temporary.

This ritual can be repeated daily, however it can be intense. I recommend performing every two weeks in correspondence with the lunar cycles (Full Moon and the New Moon).

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Transmute energy through movement

.: Number 4 :.

It’s not news to anyone that exercise is hugely beneficial to the physical body. But when it comes to magick and energetics, exercise also has a notable benefit: it allows physical and non physical energy to move. When observing the natural world, I find that energy repeats itself in fractal-like patterns. Life occurs in cycles, it moves like a turning wheel. Look at Newton’s first law of motion: “an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by a force.” The mind is a great example of this. If you have ever meditated, you have probably experienced the sensation of sitting silently, nothing occurring inside or outside of you and then suddenly a thought appears seemingly out of nowhere. And it feels as if it did this on its own! Did I think the thought? Or did my mind think the thought of its own accord? The mind is like a force of nature and has been compared across cultures as a snake. The illusion. Maia. It’s serpentine body spiraling in infinite circles like the waves of the ocean, or our planet orbiting around the sun. The mind will continue to think of its own accord even when it accesses higher states of consciousness and awareness.

When it comes to experiencing a state of anxiety, it is useful to observe the experience outside the qualities of positive and negative. Taking in sensations without judging them can open you up to a completely different experience. Your armpits are sweaty. Your breathing picks up. Your hands tingle. Your stomach churns in knots. If you strip “anxiety” of any sort of connotation, you begin to realize that what you’re experiencing purely and simply is arousal. Your body is experiencing one form of energetic expression.

But what do you do with all this extra energy?… here we move back to the topic of movement.

Movement creates a state of externalized energetic release. There are fields of psychology which hypothesis that trauma is stored in the body and physical expression is highly therapeutic in addressing and moving that trauma out of your energy field. It is as if your body holds an experience in your muscles, skin, and bones. Movement allows that experience to pass out of your being on a physical level that benefits the psyche. Similarly, the mind and body work together in a circular feedback loop. You can hold energy in your body that reflects your daily interactions with your mind. And your mind can hold energy that reflects your interactions with your body. It is useful to also examine the individuals that exist in your space, as their mental and physical energies can have an intense affect on your state of being.

An exercise ritual does not have to be performed every day, however daily movement of some kind can be highly beneficial. Similar to the previous ritual practices, it is useful to choose a consistent day and time that you are most likely to complete the process. Before you begin, close your eyes and scan your body. Move the awareness from the top of your head moving through all the body parts until you reach your feet. Become aware of your breath. You can warm up your muscles in conjunction with your breath. If you need warm-up suggestions, go here for a few simple, Yogic warm-ups. Set an intention as you move in to your practice to remain aware and conscious of your body moving through space. The single most important thing to focus on with movement energetics is the breath. This will speed up the movement of energy.

Traditional exercise such as weight lifting, cycling, or running are completely effective in a movement ritual. You can use free weights, machines, or just your body. Other movement practices such as Chi Gong, Yoga, or dancing are also extremely beneficial. You can even go as far as moving intuitively by finding a private space in your home, closing your eyes and allowing your body to guide you beyond the thinking mind. Whatever style of movement or level of fitness, the key is to tax your body for at least 10 minutes at a time. You can measure this by the talk test–if it becomes difficult to talk, the exercise or exercises are at an appropriate level of intensity. If you want to get scientific you can use a heart rate monitor to track your heart rate in relation to your maximum heart rate (age subtracted from 220). You should only aim to be at 50-75% of your maximum heart rate.

In general, it is advisable to prioritize movements and exercise styles that bring you joy, evoke curiosity and challenge your expectations. From my perspective and background as a personal trainer, I have found repetitive exercises that never change to become energetically draining with time. I also feel that it is useful to leave yourself wanting more when you finish exercising. Shorter, more frequent exercise can reduce the risk of injury and magnify energy, as opposed to draining energy. Don’t do an hour plus of exercise if you haven’t exercised in two years. Start with 20 minutes and practice a little each day. Every week increase by five minutes. You want to feel strong and capable when you move.

This ritual is highly individualized and depends on your specific interests, available time, equipment and physical capability. But if you’re seeking inspiration, seek out the fitness section for specific workouts that are scientifically shown to be effective and can open the energy centers for greater access to your own magick.

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Alter your head space

.: Number 3 :.

For many reasons, the cultural norm require us to spend most of the day indoors (in part due to a global pandemic, but who are we kidding this was going on long before that). You wake up and if you’re fortunate enough to have a job, you go right in to typing away on your computer or tuning in to a Zoom call. You scroll through your Instagram feed, turn on the news as it repetitively drones on in the background, blast a “Get Moving” playlist on bluetooth speakers. You guzzle coffee, take a workout class on your computer, sit in the middle of honking traffic. You are immediately immersed in stimulation overload. Even the food you eat can be over stimulating (sugar, dairy, meat, bread, even spices). And you can be sure that physiologically, your body was not designed to be constantly inundated with this degree of stimulation. Not to mention the fact that modern jobs require extended periods of sitting in front of a computer screen. If you are experiencing a repetitive negative emotion such as anxiety, this is simply your body giving you information about your environment as it relates to your inner state. It is feedback showing you that there could be an imbalance somewhere.

I find this moving meditation ritual is useful in the middle of the day, especially after you have been working or focusing on a single task, but it can be done at any time. If you cannot find a way to do this alone, you can simply tell your coworkers, children, or colleagues that you are going to take ten minutes to meditate. Every ritual can be performed silently with eyes closed, especially in a situation where privacy is not readily accessible:

Select a ritual time. But this walking meditation can be performed any time you experience the swirling of anxious thoughts, rapid breathing, or a pounding heart. Next physically step out of your environment. Exit the building or home and go outside. If you can access trees, mountains, large bodies of water, it is even more beneficial. But you don not have to go far out of your way. Simply observe how you feel when you are in the space versus when you leave the space. Inhale the oxygen outside, feel the sun or wind on your skin. Feel the ground under your feet as you take each step.

The ritual starts the moment that you exit and become aware of your physical and mental state. What is your posture telling you? How are you standing? Can you alter your posture so that you are not holding tension? Has anything shifted inside of you? Or do you feel exactly the same? Does your mind continue to go to a particular thought or topic? Where it is going? Ask yourself are you that thought? Or are you the being observing the thought? Locate the thought in your body.

Once you have found the location and the particular thought or thoughts, bring your awareness to your breathing. Begin a technique called the 4×4 technique: simply inhale for a count of 4, hold the breath for 4, exhale for 4, and hold the breath for 4. Find a pace that is comfortable and at each exhale visualize the repetitive thought forms falling off of your body and on to the ground. As they leave, your body feels lighter and lighter. Your breathing becomes easier, slower. Your body relaxes. Repeat this process for up to 5 minutes. It can be taxing to do the breath work while walking, so feel free to slow down your pace or stand still. After the five minutes have passed or when you feel the thought forms fully leave your presence, observe the energy of your body and your environment. Move through all five senses: What do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? What do you taste? What do you feel in your body? Observe the effect that the breath has had on your body.

If there is still a place in the body where you experience tension, place a hand on that spot or spots. On each one, close your eyes and clear you mind. Imagine you can take that energy in to your hand. Pull slowly until the tension is inside of your palm and has left the spot on your body. Once you have collected the tension in to your hands, bring it to your lips and say “I alter the frequency of this energy.” Open your hands and blow gently. Visualize light and warmth extending to every person and thing surrounding you.

When you feel your nervous system slowing down reenter your space carrying this shifted state of consciousness with you. Know that you are able to tap in to this state at any time and place.

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