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Complex Zero is a place for all things. Body. Mind. Soul. If you are drawn to connections, oneness, the repeating patterns that exist in nature and in the cultures that humans create in their various idiosynchronicities… if you are intrigued by the concept of objectivity and the unearthed depths of the human imagination… if you long to heal, to be free, to create and forge ahead with memory of all things, what You are, and what You are capable of… welcome. We are here to examine, establish, and practice the responsible use of Magick, consciousness, and human thought.

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Christine Jones is a New York-based magician, actress, and coach. She is certified as a personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise and is a 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance. She can be seen on major network TV shows such as Law and Order SVU and Starz’s Hightown and uses the craft of performance to delve in to self-analysis and Jungian archetype work. She coaches clients digitally one-on-one through movement and the mind-body connection. Her philosophy is nonduality, the exploration of all things, and the destruction of limiting beliefs. She works on aspects of nutrition, movement, and mindset, examining the physical and non-physical expressions of the mind. She believes the subconscious mind is expressed in all aspects of health and that you cannot balance one without balancing the other. Her goal is to tap in to the collective unconscious to change both the inner and outer reality.

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As within so without, as above so below.