10 High Magick Rituals to Recover from Anxiety

.: The List :.

Practice no mind

.: Number 10 :. Every energetic ritual previously discussed, from the most simple to the most elaborate, continues to bring us back to the same place, the same core practice: meditation. This one is number ten because it is probably the most simple and yet requires the utmost self-mastery to maintain. Quite frankly, it is […]

Honor the four elements

.: Number 9 :. Have you noticed that it is expensive to live near a river, at the top of a mountain, or next to a tree-lined park? Sun bathing, star gazing, even the simple act of planting a seed in a garden. Forests, waterfalls, canyons, the ocean. Earth, Water, Fire, Air. Whether we realize […]

Charge your aura and etheric bodies

.: Number 8 :. As you create balance in your physical body through the previous rituals mentioned, there is an energetic aspect that can bring healing from anxiety to a deeper more profound level. This practice seems to have been mostly overlooked and forgotten about in the modern Western world. One of my favorite teachers […]

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