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This blog is intended to aid you on the path to full sovereignty or empowerment in your reality. By examining systems of science, philosophy, and spirituality, we will expound upon the techniques and application of High Magick.

Unlike movies, books, or folklore, High Magick is highly practical, scientific, and available to all people. This is why we use the letter “K” to distinguish it from “magic”–such as the magic you would see performed by a stage magician or the magic you would associate with Harry Potter. You do not have to have any special endowed quality or tool to practice Magick. You don’t have to seek out an external entity or god to grant your wish or desire. Magick is bringing one’s awareness to a state of Truth, of seeing all potential. When you see all potential or All, it is likely that desire itself disappears. The truth pierces through the illusion of separation, the illusion of death, and the illusion of fear. Instead of practicing ritual repeatedly to seek a new car, job, lover, the ritual is then practiced to synchronize with the rhythms and cycles of Nature without desire. Nature or the natural world operates in a sort of resonance or music. You watch the birds singing in the morning, the tree losing their leaves in Fall. Technically, all people access Magick and Nature at all times because it is our True Nature to practice Magick through the use of belief and imagination. The best comparison we have, is to the Eastern practices of meditation and movement such us Qi Gong or Yoga. It also can be compared to psychoanalysis and hypnosis. Except, instead of outsourcing the energy exchange to a therapist, you will be working on your Self by your Self.

The first thing to establish is that there is no right or wrong. Everything that You perceive is your reality. Therefore, You have the key to your own liberation. You are the ruler, the God of your existence. We are simply here to provide a tool to open You to Self. The difference between magick and sorcery, is that magick empowers and sorcery disempowers. Magick gets at the Truth, the root belief. Sorcery cuts corners. If someone says “you need me to be saved” you can be sure they are practicing sorcery. Manipulation.

We are not here to do that.

It should be noted that all that is described in this blog is an approximation. A transcription. There is no single Way. There is no objective Truth that can be written. There is no religion, institution, company that wasn’t created or defined based on constructs, a reference point that was created so that we can agree upon it. The sun rises, gravity holds us on to the surface of the planet, an object in motion stays in motion. A woman wins the lottery, a mad man begs for change, a teacher describes the invention of nuclear war, a child takes a gun to school. We agree or attempt to agree on the order and chaos of nature. However, the line between objectivity and subjectivity become blurred, especially as we attempt to relate to one anther. When you point to the sky and say that it’s blue, do you know for certain if what you see is what I see? We agree that what we see blue but is your experience the same as mine? We cannot know.

Even with the progression of science and technology, we still cannot deny the simple fact that we are a molecule peering at a molecule. When we use our minds, we can not be fully objective and we can not see ourselves objectively. We are projecting our experiences, our reality in front of us. And we can only attempt a guess at the experience of another. The fullness of the thing that we experience as we look out from behind our eyes is beyond description, beyond words.

It is essential to know this before engaging in the practice of Magick, because we are opening ourselves up to energy, pure potential, and madness. There are aspects of the mind that are light and aspects that are dark. There is no such thing as good and bad, just polarity, opposites. We find inner clarity by looking at and accepting our projections, our subconscious beliefs. And we find clarity by remaining in the middle.

Many of us walk around, experiencing the world the way that we were taught to when we were five years old. And I don’t know about you, but my parents were not aware of their own limiting beliefs. The same beliefs they gave to me, were given to them by their parents and their parent’s parents and their parent’s parent’s parents. And it goes on.

Can we choose our projections? Can we choose the way that we interact with reality? Can we choose our belief systems. The answer is a resounding yes.

This is where we get in to the artistry and benefit of practicing High Magick.

Before we begin this work, we want to establish a foundation of terminology so that You and I can come closer to sharing an experience, a channel for communication of wisdom, knowledge, and data. We can come just that much closer to co-creating a shared version of reality so that you can move through your world with discipline, clarity, and unattachment. You can make true choices rather than repeat patterns that no longer serve you.

These key terms will be built upon as we delve in to the limitless reach of Mind, Magick, and Matter…


.: The Foundation :.

  • Magick (with a K): “the use of Will to affect reality. It is another way to understand the influence of the mind (perception) on the material world (reality)”
  • Perception: “apprehending by means of the senses or of the mind; a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression”
  • Reality: “the quality or state of being real; having objective independent existence”
  • Will: “control of one’s impulses and actions; self-control; mental powers manifested as wishing, choosing, desiring, or intending”

Will -> Perception = Magick -> Reality

The goal is to develop the Will in order to choose the perception, thus artfully influencing reality (i.e. Magick).

At this point you are probably saying “Yes yes, this all sounds great. But how do I practice Magick right now? How do I manifest a new job, relationship, house, money?”

Buut first thing’s first. There are some important practices we must establish before we start manipulating and manifesting things in to the fabric of our reality. For the sake of your safety and those around you, we must first start with phase 1 of the practice of High Magick… discipline.

“You trust the quality of what you know, not quantity.”

-Mr. Miyagi

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