Develop your psychic awareness

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As you gain more awareness and empowerment over your own energy, you may begin to notice that the “anxiety” that you feel is actually the perception of energetic shifts in your environment. The quieter it becomes inside, the easier it can become to actually hear the forces occurring outside of you, whether physical or energetic. You will begin to realize that not everything you experience is just you in your physical being and mind.

You may have had the experience of walking on to a train, laying down in a hotel bed, or entering an antique store and feeling unfamiliar emotions or thoughts, such as elation or uneasiness. You might even remember something, see something, or hear something that doesn’t make sense in your understanding of your world. Whatever occurs, your state of mind or emotions become altered, seemingly without warning. What you may be experiencing is the energy of the many people who have been in that space before you or in the case of the antique store, the energy of hundreds of people who have handled the various objects for years, decades, maybe even lifetimes.

In gaining balance and empowerment as a magician, it is highly beneficial to develop and hone psychic awareness. Knowledge truly is power. But the process of building psychic awareness is very individual and cannot be broken down in to a formula. Ritualistic use of entheogens, hypnosis, fasting, isolation, silence, and meditation (to name a few) have been known to evoke states of psychic awakening. However, these techniques cannot and should not be practiced by everyone. It is ultimately your journey to discover where to move next and to become aware of your particular energetic systems, beliefs, and constructs. I do find, however, that there are two pieces that seem to universally benefit magicians and energy workers regardless of experience or degree of study. These two pieces are simply this: emptiness and listening. Begin your psychic development through the practice of daily meditation. You are developing the ability to be open, to receive. You can try to pour more water in to a full glass. But the water just overflows and falls out of the glass. When you move your attention away from your mind, you empty your glass. You make yourself available to contain new information. You hear things more effectively. When you listen, you notice there might be sounds, images, vibrations that extend beyond what you can touch and see. Although “simple”, moving through the world with emptiness and listening, can take lifetimes to master. Be patient with yourself as you develop these new skills.

Start the ritual right after you wake up in the morning. Close your eyes and scan your body with your mind. Take note of the sensations or lack of sensation. Imagine in your mind’s eye that your thoughts are coming from a large radio. Picture that you place your hand on the radio and gently turn down the volume of your own thoughts. Instead listen to the sounds in your room. What do you hear? What do you feel on your skin? Slow down your breathing so that your inhale and exhale are the same length: five counts in and five counts out deep in your diaphragm. After you have completed five breaths take this state with you as you move through every room of your home. You can do this in your neighborhood or the street outside your home. Take in what occurs in your body and your mind. Play a game to see if you can observe every sensation without immediately using language. What is the image or feeling that occurs when someone passes you or gets close to you physically? Do strangers feel different than loved ones? Is it different than when you are alone? Do things stay the same? Do they change?

This awareness will become more pronounced with time. Shifts can be quite subtle at first, so give it time. After you take in the experience without words, it can be useful to keep a journal handy to start to mark down any observations. I welcome you to keep this process free and abstract. Write down the first thing that comes to mind. You can even draw a picture. Sit on a train, enter a grocery store, stand in a museum. If you feel a tingle in your left elbow write it down and where it happened. If you see a flash of the color red write it down. If you see and feel nothing write it down. Even the lack of feeling can reveal something about the environment or people that you are surrounded by. This skill will be developed with time but I cannot emphasize enough that you must sustain an open mind. 90% of magick (perhaps more) is allowing what is. Be patient. The paradox is the less you expect, the less you hold on to a result or message, the more you hear. And be honest with yourself about your intentions. Do not seek psychic ability for the sake of power or ego. Nothing kills psychic ability faster than expectations. Understand what you do not know, what you may never know and what you cannot control. You are merely a vessel for divinity. Have faith that your intuition will guide you in this process.

Eventually your every day world will transform and open up. You will begin to notice patterns. Things around you will start to seem fated, synchronistic. Information that you should not or “could not” know may become available to you. You will receive clear messages from Self and may find your are drawn or repelled by specific environments or people. Listen and trust this. Perhaps you notice a certain taste in your mouth every time you experience soothing energy. Or perhaps you hear a whistling in your ear right before something bad is going to happen. The point is not to avoid any particular person or place but to identify how you relate to that person or place. Sometimes the simple act of naming what is occurring can be an immense relief and it can empower you to shift the paradigm of how you relate to the world with your mind. A particle observed changes. A reality observed also changes.

You will become aware of how you allow other people’s energy to affect you and you can then use that power to change the exchange. Simultaneously you will start to see that your unique energetic gifts may actually be beneficial to the people around you. There are few things more vibration-raising than being at service to others. The more you listen, the fewer problems you have. The more abundant energy you have to offer yourself. When you remain in a state of openness, you welcome divinity in to the lives of all who enter your space. People will benefit from your mere presence.

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