Charge your aura and etheric bodies

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As you create balance in your physical body through the previous rituals mentioned, there is an energetic aspect that can bring healing from anxiety to a deeper more profound level. This practice seems to have been mostly overlooked and forgotten about in the modern Western world. One of my favorite teachers and magicians Damien Echols calls this aspect “divine nourishment.” High magick, like any energetic work, yields incredible results when it comes to manipulating the mind and the physical reality. But it also establishes a current of energy that is healing in itself. Your non-physical body just like your physical body, requires sustenance or like a cell phone, it needs a charge to effectively function. Some theorize that a lack of divine nourishment can result in mental or physical illness. If your non-physical bodies are imbalanced, blocked, or even hyper active, it can create sickness that can seem undiagnosable or even incurable. Mysterious back pain. Chronic digestive issues. Incapacitating headaches.

I will refer to the Hindu and Yoga sciences of non-physical energy as it is an elegant and simple system to understand non-physical energies and provides numerous techniques to directly influence them. In Yoga theory, there is an etheric field which consists of three parts: the Chakras, the Nadis, and the aura. The Chakras are wheels of energy that correspond to different levels of consciousness and run from the base of the spine to the head. There are traditionally thousands of chakras that exist beyond the physical body. But in the mainstream modern discussion, seven Chakras are typically described which correspond with the color spectrum–red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and white. Each color has an increasing vibratory rate. Red has larger, slower waves, while white has smaller, faster waves. Balance in all seven energetic bodies creates physical and mental balance between upward moving energy and downward moving energies. Nadis consist of a complex system of energetic meridians. Each point where the Chakras overlap is considered a Nadi. This is a channel where Prana or life force moves through the energetic field. Specific techniques in yoga such as movement, visualization, and breath serve to unblock these channels. The aura is an electromagnetic field emanating from the physical body up to twelve feet. It is often associated with a color which reveals the health, mental state, and personality of a particular being. All living things have an aura.

Now, when it comes to high magick, increasing energetic nourishment will connect you directly to Self or your own divine intuition. It will make it easier or rather more compelling to select food, careers, friends, or relationships that fully align with your highest good. Things that don’t serve you in your life will become extremely obvious and it will become difficult to expose yourself to energetic drains. It is important to ground yourself through this process by also nourishing the physical body (nutrient-dense food, rest, and regular exercise).

The following ritual will enable you to open the channels of energy in your etheric field. A warning though: moving energy can be extremely intense and can yield a variety of emotions, not all of them pleasant. If you experience chronic anxiety on a regular basis, I recommend working with a mental health specialist. And I recommend focusing on the rituals mentioned previously, specifically ritual 1, 2, 3, and 4, before opening up your energetic channels.

To start, wash your physical body. As you shower or bathe, allow water to flow over your head. Visualize energy at the top of your head moving, the water flowing from your crown all the way down to your feet. Everything that you no longer need is washing off your body and down the drain.

Next choose clothing that corresponds with the intention of clearing. Ideally wear all white, but all black works as well. Empty your mind as you dress and prepare your space. Burn sage. Clear the floor. Create an altar by lighting candles. Display an image of a deity, symbol or mandala. Sit in your sacred space and observe your breathing. Complete 11 breaths and bring your awareness to the first of the 7 Chakras: the root.

The root chakra is red and is located at the base of the spine. The mantra is “Lam.” Repeat this mantra 11 times visualizing red at your low back. Imagine the sphere of red light growing brighter and swirling. Allow the vibration of the word to fill your being and resonate in your diaphragm.

Next move your awareness to the sacral chakra which is orange and is located two inches below the naval and two inches inside of the body. The mantra is “Vam.” Repeat this 11 times, seeing orange orb growing brigher.

Move to the solar plexus chakra which is yellow and is located at the stomach. The mantra is “Ram.” Repeat 11 times as the yellow light grows brighter.

After is the heart chakra which is green and is located at the center of the chest. The mantra is “Yam.” Repeat 11 times with green light growing in strength.

Next is the throat chakra which is blue and is located at the throat. The mantra is “Ham.” Visualize bright blue as you repeat the mantra 11 times.

The third eye chakra is after and it is violet or purple. It is located on the forehead between the eyes. The mantras is “Om.” Repeat 11 times. Visualize the purple light swirling on your forehead.

And finally bring awareness to the crown chakra which is located at the top of the head and directly above the head. The color is white. The mantra is “Om” or “Ah.” Say this 11 times and visualize powerful white light entering through the top of your body.

Once you have completed the mantra, revisit each chakra feeling the connected energy between each chakra center. Take 11 breaths and as you exhale feel your energy centers grows even brighter.

Finally create a contraction in your pelvis and throat. In yoga this is called the Mula Bandha (the root lock) and the Jalandhara Banda (the throat lock). As you inhale, squeeze the throat and the pelvic floor. As you exhale, visualize the energy being pushed in to the center of your body at the solar plexus. (The pelvic floor can be tricky at first, but it is similar to a kegel.) Inhale squeeze the throat and root, exhale push the energy to your center. Do not allow the energy to escape, rather hold it as it builds. It is natural to physically shake as this occurs. Keep the mind clear as you repeat this breath 11 times.

As you gain more practice and focus you can increase the duration of the ritual. Increase the mantra to 22 repetitions, 33, 44 and so on. You can also move the built up energy and store them in crystals, statues, even plants in your room. Take the visualized energy in your hands and place your hands on the desired object. Picture light from your solar plexus moving in to the object. Know that you can access this energetic charge whenever you may need it.

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