Banish limiting beliefs and thoughts

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Believe it or not, every time you read and write, you perform ritualistic High Magick. You are recreating symbols with intention. You are affecting your reality and potentially the reality of others by repeating an incantation with each marking on the page. It is not a coincidence that writing is similar to the word “rite” which is a ritual. And “spell” is the spelling that we use to create the word. The Word is God. It is the manifestation of an idea in to the physical reality. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (Gospel of John, c 100). And God arguably is Self. That single source that connects All in to One.

Therefore, there is immense energetic power to writing your thoughts and intentions. By writing, you are carving your creation in to this reality. Your subconscious mind sees and believes that it is so. In the conventions of society, a therapist might prescribe journaling. This is not any different than the ritual of writing and casting spells. Through the act of externalizing your mind on to a piece of paper, you no longer identify with the mind. You can make sense of the thoughts buzzing around in your head and choose which way you want those thoughts to express themselves in your reality. You can converse with yourself and observe the ways that you project thoughts and beliefs on to the people, places, things around you.

There are multiple tools that can be used in the ritual of writing. I observe healers and wellness professionals in the mainstream exclusively writing and discussing the “power of positive thought” or what I lovingly refer to as “love and light.” This has its benefits, however, do not skip over observation of thoughts. Some things occurring in your mind are not so pleasant. And especially as we discuss magick for anxiety, do not shy away from befriending your demons. If you don’t know your demons (and they are just aspects of Self), they can start to control and manipulate you. Not only that, they aren’t going anywhere. If you have a repeated emotional response in romantic relationships, for example. You cannot outrun that emotional response by dating different partners. You cannot force your mind to think more positively unless you have understood the root cause, the core belief that runs behind the scenes of every interaction, every experience of intimacy, “love”. It is not the partner that has a problem. Demons will make it appear that way. Demons love blame and they love a good victim mentality. They love to create the illusion that you are disempowered. The truth is it is you that has the problem. No one else. And it is you that can release the bonds of your self-perpetuated prison. You can date 200 people and still come back to the same repetitive, unpleasant experience.

So how to escape this prison? How to stop making the same mistakes?

A simple and yet practical ritual that can start to unearth and decimate old limiting beliefs is the “Banishing Ritual.” This ritual takes repetition and time to truly banish anxious thinking, however you will start to see that you can alter your state of mind and being instantaneously. You can take back the control over your experience.

You will want to first choose a book or journal that will be used exclusively for magick. Gather a vessel (a glass cup will do) filled with water and soil (indoor potted plant soil works), a lighter, a pen, and your journal. Find a private space and move through the space with sage or simply an extended hand. Visualize light pouring out of your hand as you make a circle around the perimeter of the room. This seals in your energetic practice and clears any distracting energy. Next sit in the center of your circle with your journal, pen, and vessel. Close your eyes and begin the 4 7 8 breathing technique: inhale for a count of 4, hold for a count of 7, and exhale for a count of 8. Repeat this at least four times and breath from your low belly. This style of breathing will slow down your nervous system and bring you to the present.

Next write in your journal: “For my highest good, reveal to me me the source of my anxious/negative thoughts.” Clear your mind and let your pen move without thinking too hard. It is okay if it doesn’t totally make sense. And it is okay if you don’t have the answer. Allow the freedom to express freely. Think back to your first memories of anxiety. Describe them in detail. What were the sensations? Sights, sounds, smells? Where do you feel it in your body.

Once you have completed your expression, read the words out loud. Then write: “For my highest good, I banish the thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve me. I do not identify with these thoughts and beliefs, as they are not me. I release them from my body, mind, and spirit.” Speak these words out loud. Tear out the pages that you wrote on and fold them until they are small and compact. Next, if it is safe to perform in your space, light one edge on fire and place the spell inside of your vessel with the water and soil. Observe the destruction of the pages.

I cannot emphasize enough that the flame is only a suggestion, you can come up with infinite ways to safely and symbolically “destroy” your limiting beliefs. You can pummel your pages in a mortar and pestle, you could even flush it down the toilet. Ideally you want a representation of the four elements as you eliminate the pages of your journal. Once you have altered and/or eliminated the journal pages, repeat the 4 7 8 breathing. As you exhale visualize the energy leaving your body and space. It is normal to feel emotional, to physically vibrate, or to suddenly have memories or visions. Do not fight this process, simply breath and allow the energy to leave you. Trust that you are not alone in that experience and any discomfort you feel will be temporary.

This ritual can be repeated daily, however it can be intense. I recommend performing every two weeks in correspondence with the lunar cycles (Full Moon and the New Moon).

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